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My.Bux teen club is for young adults between the ages of 13 and 19 to help with their financial education. All Neighbors Credit Union members between the ages of 13 and 19 automatically become My.Bux members.

  • As a My.Bux member, you are eligible to:
  • Receive a $5 QuickTrip gift certificate for a 3.8 G.P.A. or above (based on 4.0 scale) - limit one per quarter
  • Enter the annual Scholarship Contest (four $1,500 scholarships awarded annually)
  • Discounted rates for first-time auto buyers1
  • Open a checking account with a Visa® Debit Card1
  • Open a Money Zone Certificate of Deposit with only $100
  • Receive My.Bux Newsletters

1Restrictions apply. Contact credit union for full details.

Upcoming Events

2020 Scholarship Contest

At Neighbors Credit Union we know the value of a dollar, but we also know the value of an education. Our Scholarship Contest will be available for application from Autumn of 2019 through March of 2020. Neighbors Credit Union will award four $1,500 scholarships in honor of our four previous board members.2 These board members gave their time to provide community service for all the members of the credit union for many years.

Clarence Hagemann Scholarship (served 41 years): Clarence Hagemann was appointed to the Board of Directors in January 1965 to fill the vacant seat of Secretary/Treasurer. Mr. Hagemann served in this position until October 1979 when he filled the Chairman of the Board vacant seat. Mr. Clarence Hagemann was Chairman until his resignation in January 2006.

Harry Sommers Scholarship (served 30 years): Mr. Sommers, a retiree from the US Postal Service Financial Department, was elected onto the Supervisory Committee in March 1985. He served on this committee until he was elected onto the Board of Directors in January 1989. Mr. Sommers served on the Board of Directors until his resignation in January 2011.

Lynn Beckwith Scholarship (served 25 years): Mr. Lynn Beckwith was elected to serve on the Credit Committee in October 1971. In 1979 Mr. Beckwith became the Chairperson of the Credit Committee until 1986 when he filled a vacant seat on the Board of Directors. Mr. Beckwith served on the Board of Directors until May 1997 when he resigned from the board.

Adell Allen Scholarship (served 25 years) Mr. Adell Allen was elected to serve on the Board of Directors January 1990. He served in this position until elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors in February 2006. Chairman Allen served in this position until June 2014 when he stepped down as Chairman. Mr. Allen served as a Director of the Board until his resignation from the board in May 2015. Mr. Allen is retired from the US Postal Service as a Maintenance Manager.

To be eligible for this contest you must be a Neighbors member, be 19 years old or younger, be attending college in the autumn of 2020, complete an application and write an essay.

In addition, all winners must be present at Neighbors Credit Union's Annual Meeting to accept the scholarship. For full details and the application, please check back in the Fall of 2019. 

Photo: (from left to right) Elizabeth Webster, scholarship winner, John Servos, CEO/President of Neighbors Credit Union, Leah Ramspott, scholarship winner and, Cory Harris, scholarship winner.
Not pictured: Clarissa Emanuel, scholarship winner



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