Fee Schedule

Deposit Account Fees Fee1
Withdrawal from regular savings after 3 in month by cash or check $5.00
Escrow savings account withdrawal in excess of 2 per quarter calendar $25.00
Y.E.S. Club withdrawals in excess of one per quarter $25.00
IRA annual account maintenance or for new accounts added current year with deposit for prior year $10.00
IRA annual account maintenance, Main Street member $0.00
Early withdrawal of Christmas club after 12/31 each year $25.00
Re-establishment of membership within less than a six month period from close date $20.00
Minimum balance monthly fee on regular share accounts if balance falls below $100
and member does not have another active saving or loan under membership number
Certificate of Deposit Redemption Fees Fee1
Early withdrawal fee on Investment Builder Certificate of Deposit $10.00
The depositor will forfeit days of interest based on the term of this certificate. The penalty will be the lessor the interest penalty forfeiture or the total amount of interest earned. A 6 month term forfeits 90 days of interest; a 12 month term forfeits 120 days of interest; a 24 month term forfeits 180 days of interest; a 36 month term forfeits 270 days of interest; a 48 month term forfeits 360 days of interest; a 60 month term forfeits 450 days of interest and a 84 month term forfeits 630 days of interest. days of interest
Money Market Account Fees Fee1
Monthly balance fee if goes below minimum ($2,000 Min) $10.00
Excessive check withdrawal after 3 per month $10.00
Prosperity Money Market Account Fees Fee1
Monthly balance fee if goes below minimum ($20,000 Min) $10.00
Excessive check withdrawal after 3 per month $10.00
Checking Account Fees Fee1
Photo copies of checks presented
(free if you use Online Banking)
Counter checks, per check $0.50
Overdraft Protection from loan $0.00
Overdraft Protection from savings,
(limited to 3 per month)
Return items3 $28.00
Courtesy Pay $28.00
Stop payment items $25.00
Returned ACH debits due to held or insufficient funds3 $28.00
Restart ACH Origination
(if insufficient 3 times)
Interest Checking minimum balance fee for balances
that fall below $2,500 at any time during the month
Interest Checking not meeting direct deposit requirement monthly fee $5.00
Benefits Checking monthly fee $5.00
Main Street members receive 1 free box of standard checks
per year and 25% off specialty checks
Conversion between checking programs $10.00
Debit Card Overdrawn Fee $28.00
ATM/Debit Card Fees Fee1
Transactions on our machines $0.00
Foreign withdrawals $1.00
Inquiries $1.00
Point of sale $0.00
Card replacement due to lost card or personalized debit card $9.95
Check Cashing Fees Fee1
If the balance is less than $100 on deposit at the time of the transaction, the charge will be the higher of $3.00 or 1% of the check to be cashed with a maximum charge of $50. $3.00 or 1% with max of $50
Return Item/Collection Fees Fee1
Returned item check cashing3 $25.00
Returned item on payments/deposits3 $28.00
Payment on collection items $25.00
Foreign check cashing: U.S. funds on foreign bank,
minimum fee and pass thru charges from foreign institution.
Foreign funds on foreign bank:
minimum fee and other cost that may be levied by foreign institution.2
Bill Pay Fees Fee1
Bill pay monthly charge
(waived with usage of eStatements and three bills paid per month)
Bill pay inactive charge
(if no bills are paid during the month)
Bill pay monthly charge for business checking $0.00
Bill payment photo copies $10.00
Stop payment orders $25.00
Return items3 $28.00
Return items that we pay3 $28.00
Service Fees Fee1
Cashier checks $5.00
Cashier checks - Main Street members $0.00
Custodial $5.00
Garnishment/Levy administration $100.00
Gift Card - Visa® $3.00
Gift Card - Visa, Main Street member $2.00
Money orders $2.00
Money orders - Main Street members $0.00
Online Banking external loan payment by debit card $7.00
Online Banking next day funds transfer service $20.00
Online Person to Person standard payments $3.00 (per payment)
Online Person to Person next day payments $10.00 (per payment)
Online Person to Person standard payments $2.00 (per request)
Phone (non Telephone Banking) transfers, withdrawals, inquiries $3.00
Copy of statement(s) from prior periods, per statement period $2.00
Printed account history - mid period statement $2.00
Research/reconciliation, per hour - 1 hour minimum $25.00 per hour
Returned Mail (Monthly) $2.00
Wire Fees Fee1
Western Union Domestic $30.00
Western Union Domestic, Main Street member $25.00
International Western Union

$0 - $500.00


$500.01 - $1,000.00


$1,000.01 - $2,000.00


$2,000.01 - $5,000.00


$5,000.01 - $10,000.01

Federal Reserve: Outbound $20.00
Federal Reserve: Outbound, Main Street member $0.00
Federal Reserve: Inbound $5.00
Federal Reserve: Inbound, Main Street member $5.00
International: Foreign currency outbound $30.00
International: U.S. currency $35.00
Signature Guarantee Program
(Medallion Stamp Program)
Lending Fees Fee1
Amortization schedule $0.00
Title fee: refinance from another institution or using auto title for cash out $13.50 MO; $95.00 IL
Title fee: purchase $2.50
Visa card reissue due to lost card or personalized credit card $9.95
Credit verification letter/balance verification letter $10.00
Business Checking Account Fees Fee1
Preferred Business Checking minimum balance not maintained $10.00
Premier Business Checking minimum balance not maintained $20.00
Transaction charge (after allotted free Items) $0.20
Overdraft Protection Payment savings transfer $2.00
Stop Payment $25.00
Business Money Market Account Fees Fee1
Monthly balance fee if goes below minimum ($2,000 Min) $10.00
Excessive check withdrawal after 3 per month $10.00
Miscellaneous Fees On Business Accounts Fee1
Night deposit bags (one time use) $0.30
Night deposit bags (lock/reusable) $30.00
Coin request (per roll) $0.10
Currency straps (per strap) $0.50
Currency deposits (first 1,000 bills free per month) $0.01 per bill
Online banking ACH origination $35.00 monthly
Non-Member Fees Fee1
ATM surcharge $2.00
Cashing of member's check drawn on the credit union $0.00
Cashing Postal money order higher of $5 or 1.5% of the check to be cashed
Cashing Postal paycheck higher of $5 or 1.5% of the check to be cashed
Notary fee (legal limit) $1.00
Coin counter surcharge 20% of total amount

1Fees subject to change. Fees effective 01/01/2019.

2Due to clearing time frame, credit will not be granted to member until good funds are received from foreign institution

3We may charge a Return Item fee each time an item is submitted or resubmitted for payment; therefore, you may be assessed more than one fee as a result of a returned item and the resubmission(s) of the returned item.