Money Management

You want to have your best financial year yet, and we’re here to help! Introducing Money Management, a 6-time Finovate “Best of Show” winner that is widely regarded as one of the best personal financial money solutions in the industry. Enjoy:

  • Tracking Outside Accounts
    Use Money Management to track accounts at multiple financial institutions and track your overall net worth!
  • Managing Your Debt
    Accurately and realistically calculate when you can pay off your debt, using tools that take all parts of your income into consideration.
  • Setting Financial Goals
    Stay motivated this year by setting goals for savings, retirement, debt payoff, and more! Your progress will be automatically tracked so you’ll have up to date information.
  • Categorizing Your Transactions
    Now, your bills will be categorized automatically with a success rate of approximately 90%.  Also, you can create categories of your own!
  • Viewing Trends In Spending
    This convenient feature will show you trends over time so that you can identify and correct issues, as well as see your progress.
  • Sticking To Your Budget
    Easily create budgets, and visually track the progression of your spending with our Bubble Budget widget!

Plus, it’s free, easy to use, and available now within Online Banking.


How Do I Sign Up?

  1. Log on to Online Banking
  2. Click on "Money Management" on the green menu bar