About Neighbors Credit Union

Our Mission

Providing awesome member experiences through innovative products, superior service and trusted advice, while strengthening our community with financial education. We are dedicated to the success of our members and employees to ensure we are the financial institution of choice.


Who We Are

On March 16, 1928, Neighbors Credit Union (formerly St. Louis Postal Credit Union) was created in a shoebox and a dream; that every postal worker deserved a helping hand to get more out of life. Today, we've opened our doors to everyone in our surrounding communities and have become one of the largest and strongest credit unions in Missouri.

Neighbors Credit Union is a not-for-profit, full service financial institution where every member has a voice in how our credit union works, and how each of us is served. Here we have a simple purpose: to make the financial lives of our members easier and less expensive. We help you weed out high fees and keep more of your green with better rates and fewer fees. Because that's what being Neighbors is all about.


About Credit Unions

Other financial institutions focus on money, but not credit unions. From the start, credit unions have focused on people and their dreams.

Credit unions are different from other financial institutions, because they are:

  • Equally owned by each member of the credit union - not by stockholders
  • Governed by a volunteer board of directors who are elected by and from the credit union's membership
  • Not-for-profit financial cooperatives driven by serving members, not making profits
  • Focused on encouraging financial education and promoting financial counseling services
  • Involved with their local communities, with charitable activities and worthwhile causes


Don't Tax My CU

Our credit union pays every tax banks pay except one: the corporate income tax. And that's because all credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives that are owned by their members, consumers like you. As not-for-profits, credit unions return what they earn to their members in the forms of lower rates on loans, higher returns on savings and lower and/or fewer fees. But you might lose ALL of the benefits you enjoy at Neighbors Credit Union unless Congress hears loud and clear from members like you that you want us protected as part of federal tax reforms.

In fact, for every $1 of their tax exemption, credit unions return well over $10 to consumers in better rates and lower fees. That's a solid investment in our communities.

Now, some (mostly banks) say credit unions should pay income taxes, even though it was banks (not credit unions) that took huge government bailouts.

The truth is, if credit unions were taxed - and remained not-for-profits - it's unlikely their members could continue to receive lower rates on loans, higher savings return, and low fees.

You might say taxing credit unions is really a tax on 96 million credit union members.

If the savings and service you enjoy at Neighbors Credit Union is important to you, please take a moment to ask Congress to preserve credit unions' tax status as part of tax reforms occurring now. Without that, you could lose the many benefits you enjoy.

Visit www.DontTaxMyCreditUnion.org to send a pre-written email to your Member of Congress today, or call them toll-free at 877-642-4223. Simply tell them, "Don't Tax My Credit Union!"

Facts and numbers provided by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA).